Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February Already

I've been busy knitting. My Gretel beret is finished. I love this hat, and I will get a decent photo of me wearing it, but for now this will have to do.


I am knitting an ongoing Raspy sweater in Rowan Denim, which is odd toknit with, but producing stocking stitch panels that drape really nicely. I am probably about half way there on that.

Over the weekend I had a break from large sweaters.

The first of the weekend knitting was a Bobby hoody by Rowan, in Classic Bambino, but also recently in a magazine supplement that someone on the Angel Yarns forum was nice enough to send me. The stocking stitch was all done on the knitting machine, which has mostly worked well. After a chat with a nice lady from the machine knitters guild at a stitch n craft show in Sandown a week ago, I removed the needle retaining bar, tried in vain to buy a new one and eventually replaced the dead foam with draft excluder. It has made a big difference to the behaviour of the machine, and i was keen to try and actually knit something.
knitting 001

I wasn't sure of the dark maroon edging, until I added the buttons, which I think are lovely.

I also knitted some Mary Jane style bootees to match.
knitting 005

A good friend had a baby 8 days ago, so hopefully these will go to a good home in the next few days.

knitting 006

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Jominx said...

Your Gretel is lovely, I have just finished one myself, it is such a nice pattern to knit :D