Thursday, June 28, 2007

Elfine socks, from hand dyed yarn

I love this pattern, I love the softness of the yarn. They've been quick to knit too, and i do like having a sock to knit to carry around for whenever the occasion arises.

I don't like the way the heels turned out, but i think this is an issue with my knitting rather than the pattern. The first short row heel i ever did was my favourite and somehow it's never gone quite so well ever since. I didn't really mind the striping issues on either sock, but i'm not so keen on how they look together. I am seriously wondering whether I should try to overdye them, and then the lace might be more prominent. However, I am worried that I will mess them up. The pattern called for some rows of garter stitch at the top. I completed the first one in this way, but it rolls at the top and i don't like it. The second was finished with a 1 x 1 rib, which I much prefer. I am currently reknitting the top of the first sock.

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