Saturday, October 27, 2007

5 hour hat

Pattern: Kind of made up as I went along
Wool: Jaeger Baby Merino, was quite nice to knit with, should be soft once washed and machine washable on a wool cycle
Needles: 4mm circular, using the magic loop technique

The next time one of my colleagues asks, "could you knit a hat?" I might realise they are not asking if I would be able to knit a hat if i so wished, but might be asking me to actually knit a hat, for them... It was a good friend from work whose small daughter had grown out of her previous had, a handkit from her grandma, and apparently much nicer than the mass produced hats in shops. She had discussed knitting at lunchtimes when I'd knitted at my desk, and wondered if I could knit a hat to replace her daughters! I am kind of chuffed to be asked, but I have so many projects I really want to get on with at the moment, that I wanted this to be a fast knit. I started this yesterday evening, and finished it this morning. Just a quick wash and a bit of blocking and I can take it into work Monday.

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