Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Long, long, long white socks

The long white socks are finished. BF joined his ship today, so this was a little late. I did get a modelled shot before he left, and they are blocking now. Following on from the previous post these have knitting-in elastic throughout the turnover, which is 2*2 rib rather than the garter rib used through the rest of them.

We were concerned they wouldn't stay up, so they also have shaping after the calf with the number of stitches reduced to. ............ by reducing two stitches every ..... rows. He now thinks they might be a bit too tight, but i'm sure they'll change with washing and wearing, though I guess they could get tighter. Time will tell.

With those finished, and my last weeks project of gloves to match my Shedir hat going badly wrong, I have cast on for these Bayerische Socks. Going well so far, but with 98 stitches criss-crossing in such an intricate pattern I think this could be a slow project. I have wanted to knit these for a long time, and feel like I want to get them out of the way! I also started these once previously, only to find they were too big, so these are on tiny 2mm needles.

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