Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More sewing, more trousers

Pattern: Simplicity/Built by Wendy
Fabric: Corduroy

These corduroy trousers were from the same patterna s the previous black trousers. I rememebred to make the waist a little smaller, and they feel in less dnager of falling down than the others. I had wanted a pair of short trousers to show off my boots for a while, and inspired by the photos for this hoodie (which is another thing I would love to knit if I can find the right yarn) I decided the easiest way might just be to make some.

After spending ages with one design of the pockets last time, I was dissapointed to realise that the other front pockets in the pattern weren't pockets at all, and have added a single patch pocket of my own design. I don't think this is such a flattering look for me, but it hasn't turned out too badly. I am very pleased with the back pocket flaps, and pleased and surprised that I seem to be getting over my fear of making button holes!

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