Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pomatomus Socks - Finished

I have been busy, I have been on holiday, I guess I am never going to be a good, regular blogger, but I have been knitting (and dying) and have some finished objects to blog about...

Pattern: Pomatumus socks, started and finished on holiday.
Modifications: The lacey pattern of the second sock was adapted to be a mirror image of the first. I twisted the stitches picked up along the heel flap edge, which i think looks quite pretty and suits the twisted rib stitches used throughout the lacey pattern.
Yarn: I used some hand dyed wool, dyed using Ashford dyes

I spent a lot of time sat on a canal boat knitting these last week. They are a bit loose on me so i might try a smaller size needle (these were 2.75mm) if I do this again. Also, the second is a lot neater than the first, which is slightly annoying, but not so noticeable in the photos I think. However, I do like this pattern, I love the way the twisted rib at the top and heelp flap flows into the fish scale pattern, and I would definately consider knitting these again.

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