Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I seem to have been knitting these socks for quite some time. My BF is in the merchant navy and wears knee high white socks as part of his tropical uniform. When he asked me if i could knit him a pair, it seemed nice thing to do. The size 13 feet and the fact that the socks needed to ne knee high, which very high on a 6foot 4 man, was a little daunting, but it means i don't have to think what to knit next for a while. After just over 2 weeks of knitting, they look like this. I am knitting 2 at a time to avoid second sock syndrome, but also so that i don't have to remember every detail of this made-up-as-i go-along pattern. The sock next to them is one of mine, for scale.

Just in case i ever decide it would be nice to knit him another pair of socks, these are knitted on 2.5mm needles. There are 72 stitches and this pattern is a 2*2 garter rib pattern. The heels were short row heels from the cafe curtains socks pattern and the toes, though originally knitted from the toe up have since been modified to my more normal top down pattern. The toe up heel flaps i tried from Cookie's Baudelaire sock pattern looked okay, but not as good as this alternative, simpler heel. I've decided to knit some elastic into the turnover so these are presently on hold.

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