Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sweetheart Socks - WIP

I've not long finished the first sock of a new pair I'm knitting. They are Cairi's Sweetheart socks, modified to add a tabi toe from here so i can wear them with sandals, and in the yarn I hand died with Koolaid. I love the pattern, and I really like the colour this one has turned out. The lovely pattern and colour aren't so clear in this photo, sneakily taken under my desk at lunch time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last Minute Purled Beret

Pattern: Last Minute Purled Beret
Modifications: I like the knitted side, so this won't be a "purled" beret! Also added some shearing elastic to help make the width correct
Yarn: Angel Yarns Luxury Seraph Yarn, less than 1 skein

I didn't swatch for this as I wanted a quick beret for an Allo Allo themed fancy dress costume. The yarn is gorgeous and the pattern was very easy. I didn't swatch so it's lucky it turned out so well, and not surprising it needed a little elastic. This took probably less than 3 evenings to knit.

And it does look better on me than the bear!