Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Door Snake and Knitting Labels

I have found time for some crafty things which aren't knitting this week. Number 1 was a new door snake to keep out the drafts and the road soot which squeezes under my front door.

Number 2 was these little labels to sew into my knitted items. I saw the idea on Grumperina's blog and thought it was brilliant. I have designed the labels and got as far as printing them yesterday, before realising my transfer paper needs the image to be reversed. I'm about to find out how to do that. Hoping to get some finished and sewn in soon.

Edited to add: Applying these using a hot iron on a synthetic, shiny, iron with a cool iron only ribbon was so not a good idea. This project looks to be one of those that turns into an ongoing one!

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