Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FO - Bayerische Socks

These were finished far too quickly! With the tiny crossing stitches I really liked the way these grew and you gradually got to see the pattern emerging. When "just one more round" takes a few minutes it's amazing that these were finished in about 11 days, and I still found time to eat, sleep and go to work...

Pattern: Bayerische socks from Eunny Jang
Yarn: Opal
Modifications: One or two errors in the cabling I think, but other than that knitted as pattern

My second Eunny Jang pattern in a row! It was well written and no problem to follow. I am not so sure about the Opal yarn. It is the first time i have used it and it feels a little rough at present. I'm hoping it will feel better after washing. I also seemed to keep finding thinner and thicker lengths which got quite annoying. As I am so chuffed, there are a couple of gratuitous close up shots!

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