Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My Ivy cardigan is finally finished, well almost... I don't like the way the neckband sits at the back so i will be unpicking that and re-sewing it a bit tighter. i hope that this will bring the shoulders slightly more together to stop it sitting quite so wide apart on me, but it is so close. I wore this all yesterday evening after i returned from the gym, and i think i might actually wear it! It warm and cosy, and the sleeve length is long, but i like that. A blurry, too early in the morning photoshoot means that this was the best photo i managed! And I've just spotted a small knot peaking out from my sleeve, oops.

Pattern: Ivy from Knitty

Yarn: Sirdar Countrystyle double knitting, only 4 balls (annoying leaving 2 leftover)

Time taken: About 3 weeks to knit, another week to persuade myself to sew it together, and a surprisingly long time to buy buttons

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