Monday, March 26, 2007

I won, twice

I had a lovely Friday afternoon at work. I won a prize in the work Easter raffle, and although I don't think i'm much of a soft toy person and all the prizes included soft toys, I actually thought this one looked quite cute, and it didn't hurt that he was holding chocolate. He sat in my intray all afternoon and kept getting stroked by passers by!

The second good thing about Friday afternoon, I won a prize through the Angel Yarns knitting forum, a luxury cabled scarf kit which looks lovely.

Having spent lunchtime in a pub with colleagues also helped Friday afternoon go quickly.

Finally, but maybe best of all, B was home for the weekend. It was lovely to have him back, and just a little miserable to see him fly off again.

Knitting news, i've cast on for Arisaig and almost got to the top of the ribbing for the back, which looks lovely but is a pain. And I finally put an order in for some sock yarn and enough yarn for Wicked, and I bought the pattern for Wicked. That should keep me busy for a few weeks...

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