Friday, June 29, 2007

Urban Aran - So close to finishing

(Photo to follow)

Pattern: Urban Aran
Modifications: Lots! See below
Yarn: Yaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran in colour 554, Peacock (13 balls)

After languishing on the end of my bannister waiting for weeks to have a zip installed, I finally got round to it yesterday... However, i should have know not to attempt zip installation when tired, and the sides don't match. I also had very limited colours of zips available in the shop, and didn't think it would matter as noone sees when it is zipped, but of course i am unlikley to often completely zip it up, and a green zip would look better. Furthermore, my choice of a double ended zip means that one of the zip pulls permanently hangs out the bottom of cardigan, looking very blue.

However, apart from the zip, and the length, which would ideally have been a bit longer, i really like this cardigan. It is a great colour for me, and warm and cozy, and I still love the way the cables overlap at the waist. The modifications to the pattern are very similar to those described on Streets and Yo's and i think they've worked well.

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