Friday, June 29, 2007

Urban Aran - So close to finishing

(Photo to follow)

Pattern: Urban Aran
Modifications: Lots! See below
Yarn: Yaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran in colour 554, Peacock (13 balls)

After languishing on the end of my bannister waiting for weeks to have a zip installed, I finally got round to it yesterday... However, i should have know not to attempt zip installation when tired, and the sides don't match. I also had very limited colours of zips available in the shop, and didn't think it would matter as noone sees when it is zipped, but of course i am unlikley to often completely zip it up, and a green zip would look better. Furthermore, my choice of a double ended zip means that one of the zip pulls permanently hangs out the bottom of cardigan, looking very blue.

However, apart from the zip, and the length, which would ideally have been a bit longer, i really like this cardigan. It is a great colour for me, and warm and cozy, and I still love the way the cables overlap at the waist. The modifications to the pattern are very similar to those described on Streets and Yo's and i think they've worked well.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Refashioned Messenger Bag

I forgot to post about my recent wardobe refashion, though I'm not sure that phrase applies to accessories, anyway....
I finally got round to changing one of the conference issue messenger bags I rescued from being thrown out at work. The ugly CIBSE logo and text is now hidden beind a giant , colourful pocket, which has a velcro fastening at the top. It was much easier than I thought to unpick the existing bias tape, and resew it over the new fabric. The existing hardware to fasten the bags flap down was easy to remove and re-install. The whole thing took less than an hour to change.
This was finished and started one Wednesday evening, after band practise. I have used it every day since!

Elfine socks, from hand dyed yarn

I love this pattern, I love the softness of the yarn. They've been quick to knit too, and i do like having a sock to knit to carry around for whenever the occasion arises.

I don't like the way the heels turned out, but i think this is an issue with my knitting rather than the pattern. The first short row heel i ever did was my favourite and somehow it's never gone quite so well ever since. I didn't really mind the striping issues on either sock, but i'm not so keen on how they look together. I am seriously wondering whether I should try to overdye them, and then the lace might be more prominent. However, I am worried that I will mess them up. The pattern called for some rows of garter stitch at the top. I completed the first one in this way, but it rolls at the top and i don't like it. The second was finished with a 1 x 1 rib, which I much prefer. I am currently reknitting the top of the first sock.

Forest Canopy Shawl - Finished

I really enjoyed knitting this pattern. It seemed quick, and it looked so pretty in all the other examples I've seen. I love the colour too.

As others have said, it doesn't look much before blocking...But much better after...

I love the detail of the lace, which looks much harder than it actually was.
I use one ball of Collinette Jitterbug sock yarn, colour Jay. I added an extra repeat or two, and had to leave out 2 lines of the edging, after realising i didn't quite have enough yarn to cast off the first time i tried it. After frogging, and re-knitting, I had less than 2g of yarn left....

I do think it would be nicer ever so slightly bigger, and I'm wondering if i could block it a bit harder. It already didn't quite fit on my dining room table, so I'll have to find somewhere else if i do decide to do this. I'll have to see if i can get an action shot sometime.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slip Up Socks

Ooops, B is back from sea, my dad is not so well and scheduled for more surgery, so real life has got in the way of things lately. I can't believe how long it has taken me to post here.

I have been knitting, not a lot to show for it though.
I finished these socks a couple of weeks ago and just managed to get me, my camera, the lead for the camera, and the computer in the same place at the same time I liked the pattern a lot, though I did modify it a little to knit toe up with a short row heel, and i love the colour of the yarn. It's trekking xxl, colour 128.

The short row heels weren't quite right as i didn't have my usual instructions with me. They have a row of holes along them, which i am trying to consider a decorative feature.

These took less than a week, and most of the knitting was done whilst travelling to and from a band weekend in France, so i had lots of spectators. I had intended the stripes not to match, but actually they are very close to matching, but they don't quite, which is more annoying to me than if they had been very different, but i guess noone else will ever notice!I have just over a 1/3rd of the wool left, and I'm wondering if I have enough for some trainer sock types socks...
I did start knitting a bayerische sock, but i didn't have the right size needles, and it is far too big for my foot and needs frogging. It just seems a shame when all the cabling was going so well, and looking okay.