Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spotted - Juliet

I have no knitting to show, the bayerische sock is ongoing, but I have found time to surf t'interweb, and I keep seeing versions of Juliet from the Zephyr Girls that I really like.

It is also one of the knits for the Sexy Knitter's Club this month.

I'm not entirely sure how well the boxy, chunky knit will suit my shape, and if October is really the right time of year to knit a short sleeved cardigan, but I like the details such as the assymetric buttons and the lacey pattern. Having never knitted anything in bulky wool I would be interested to see how it goes. I bought a new jacket a couple of months ago which is a similar style, and I still love the jacket.

I think this version from a mingled yarn looks great.

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