Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fist real attempt at machine knitting

After talking to a lovely lady from the machine knitters guild last Sunday, I have replaced the needles retaining bar on my knitting machine, and as she said it might, it works a whole lot better. I had pretty much given up with it, wondering why it dropped so many stitches and was so hard to use, and wondering if it needed a full service. This morning, after cleaning it, replacing a couple of needles and having a general tidy, I am attempting to knit a small jumper. When I say small, it will hopefully be newborn baby size. This should include a lot of the essential things I need to know, before I attempt to knit anything for me. I am using a hand knitting pattern from ................ that a lady from the Angel Yarns knitting forums kindly sent me.

So far; I am planning to hand knit on the moss stitch afterwards

I cast on .... stitches, knitted a few rows on waste yarn, 1 row with the removable cord, and 46 rows with the main colour.

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