Friday, February 22, 2008

I knew it

I knew the baby jumper had been knitted too quickly, and I knew it looked odd, but i'd checked a few things and couldn't work out quite what had gone wrong...

Well a couple of days ago, I figured out that I had forgotten the increases on the sleeves, which is why they are so rectangular and so wrong. The hoody is now substantially un-knitted. The sleeves were carefully un-sewn as was the hood, and the sleeves are now frogged, and the re-knitting has started. I am hoping that the new sleeves can be carefully sewn back in, and the hood sewn back on without disturbing the band around the hood and both fronts.

Luckily Raspy is finished, and I like it. It was worn to band practise and knitting group this week, and raised no comment and lots of positive comments at the two events! It fits well, and I think it is the kind of thing I like to wear. Hopefully I will get a photo soon.

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