Saturday, February 16, 2008

1 day warning of a finished object....

So what kind of a person thinks that knitting a whole sweater in a yarn that shrinks the first time you wash it would actually be a good idea? My raspless Raspy in Rowan Denim has just gone into the washing machine, on a 60 degree cotton wash, with some spare yarn (barely had any left) for sewing up.

I have made modifications for me being short, which is one of my main concerns for the finished size fitting me nicely. I have also added some short row shaping to the front as I have been worrying that a jumper with a back and front the same height would not be good for me. Also, I started knitting one size, and reknit most of the back to make the smaller size, having seen a lot of reviews that this knit up on the large size. If I had carefully read the finished size and noticed the amount of ease, that would have saved me a lot of knitting.

It has been a nice mindless knit, and I love the fabric that this has created. I just hope the finished size will be okay.

E.T.A. Maybe I should have worried more about all the loose ends of yarn managing to get out of the bag and tangling themselves up in an amazingly complicated way. That's about an hour wasted that I could have spent knitting.

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