Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two more WIPs

knitting 006
As someone who generally only has one WIP at a time, I have found myself battling with one handknit WIP and one machine knit WIP. I knew I had a lot of flying and sitting around for work on Monday, so started a sock on Sunday. I like the yarn and the colour, and the pattern, but I am not so sure about the combination. Here it is next to my beer, in the departure lounge waiting to fly home on Monday evening. The yarn is Regia, colour passion. The pattern is Leyburn socks.

I have also started a Tangled Yoke Cardigan. So far I have almost completed the garter rib on one sleeve. Garter rib is not a good idea on the knitting machine, but I think it is still slightly faster than knitting by hand, and has been good practise for hand manipulation of the knitting. Much of this cardigan is stocking stitch, which will be much faster than hand knitting. I plan to knit by machine until I get to the part where the fronts and back join the sleeves, and then knit by hand. A swatch to check the difference between my handknitting guage and machine knitting guage shows them to be a close match, so hoping this could work out well. I am going to have to knit the front seperately from the back due to the number of needles on the machine.

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